Woodburn Independent asks: Have Small Schools Worked?

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When Woodburn High School split into four themed “Small Schools”, each with less than 400 students, nobody knew if the new system would help raise student achievement or not. Across the country, Small Schools have met with mixed results–some schools have done remarkably well while others have not noted any improvements.

After four years of Small Schools at Woodburn, the Woodburn Independent took a look back to see if the change worked. Comparing the results with the previous high school can be a little tricky, since we are comparing a single school to each of the four Small Schools and Success Academy, an alternative high school designed to catch students who are failing at a Small School. In addition, some of the methodology the state uses to measure student progress has changed.

However, comparing each Small School against itself over four years appears to show significant improvement in graduation rates, test scores, and subject proficiency. Teachers and administrators also report some unexpected positive side effects of the smaller communities, such as fewer fights, less bullying, and more student participation in clubs and government.

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