Gringos at the Gate

Posted February 22nd, 2010 in Uncategorized and tagged by steve

In 2010, soccer is still primarily the domain of two groups in the U.S: middle and upper-class college-educated white folks, and immigrants. And in large part, the people who watch MLS are the former. Immigrant fans, mostly Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, often ignore MLS for the admittedly higher-quality game played south of the border.

But as the American game improves, and as the children and grandchildren of Mexican immigrants come to identify more with the U.S. and less with the country of their ancestors, those two groups may be coming together more often.

A documentary in the works, Gringos at the Gate, explores the changing relationship between American and Mexican soccer fans. You can read about it at Culture of Soccer here:


Or go straight to the film’s website here:


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