The Southward Pipeline

Posted March 12th, 2010 in Uncategorized and tagged , by steve

Speaking of Soccer America, I had an interesting conversation with editor Mike Woitalla the other day, when he mentioned this article, a couple of years old, but still relevant. Talented young Mexican Americans, and other young Hispanic soccer players living in the U.S., often are overlooked in a U.S. soccer scouting system that focuses on college athletes and players on expensive club teams.

Players whose clubs are obscure, or who can’t make it to college for one reason or another–usually cost and sometimes immigration status–have been skipping U.S. teams altogether and heading to Mexico, where they seem to have a better chance of being recognized.

To be fair to MLS, some of this may be due to the popularity of soccer in Mexico–there are a lot more teams to try out for–but it also seems to indicate that American clubs aren’t spotting skilled players in their own backyard.


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