The Book

“An important, compelling book about the children who are changing the face of America…If you want to understand your new next door neighbors, this is the book to read.”
—Sonia Nazario, author of
Enrique’s Journey: The Story of a Boy’s Dangerous Odyssey to Reunite with his Mother

“Steve Wilson’s reporting is deep and true, clear and at times heartbreaking. These displaced boys come alive on the page as they make their challenging run through Oregon high school soccer.”
—David Maraniss, author of
Clemente and When Pride Still Mattered

“Just as Buzz Bissinger did in Friday Night Lights, Steve Wilson manages to achieve the unexpected: a book about sports that turns out to be about so much more.”
—Luis Alberto Urrea, author of Into the Beautiful North and The Devil’s Highway

“The Boys from Little Mexico will tell you more about the next generation of Americans than census data and politicians ever could.”
—Bill Reynolds, author of
Fall River Dreams and ’78